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Global Market Force

Global Market Force has the integrated approach to mass media planning that utilizes the latest market research to provide you with the most effective and efficient way to reach your consumer.   GMF helps identify your potential for increased business by defining your target market and then finding a message with the right media strategy that ensures your hit that target market with the right message.  We go beyond simple demographics, by defining the psychographics of your customers.  Once we have identified the psychographics of your target market, GMF utilizes the best mixture of print, broadcast, Internet, outdoor and social media marketing to ensure we reach your market.

We don’t stop with the planning and placement of your media placement, we follow up with analysis to determine your return on investment (ROI). If you’re not tracking your results and determining if your advertising is making money, GMF can help.  Media placement is often considered a gamble. You can go to Vegas and place all your monthly ad budget on one spin of the roulette table and often have better results.  At least there, you always know whether you win or lose. GMF will help you track your results and provide you with a complete analysis on how effective you ad budget was spent and whether or not you achieved a return on investment that made you ad budget profitable.

The owner of GMF has extensive background in Marketing and Business. Dave Caldwell was the original license holder of 95.1 FM in Midland, TX. After spending 9 years as a NASA contractor in charge of developing the Intranet, Dave developed and built one of the first totally computerized radio stations in the country.  After selling the radio station, Mr. Cardwell spent years selling television ads in San Antonio before starting this full service Internet Marketing Firm and now concentrates his efforts on San Antonio Web Design and Online Marketing.

GMF has extensive experience with television ads, radio ads, print ads, outdoor and internet marketing.  Let GMF show you how to combine each of these mediums or find the best fit for your business.

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