Web Design

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Global Market Force can design a professional website with the layout and functionality that will enable your business to be found by all the search engines and a web design that will attract new business, project a professional image, and allow you to communicate effectively with your customers.

Web Design

FlexibilityWhether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Global Market Force can design a professional website with the layout and functionality that will enable your business or firm to be found by all the search engines. GMF will build you an original site that delivers quality, authoritative content that is critical in today’s marketplace. Global Market Force is a web design company in San Antonio that offers affordable web design for the small, medium, or large business owner.  Our custom web designs are created to drive traffic to your site and deliver the digital solutions you demand.

Our websites are built with flexibility, functionality, and future growth ability. When designing a website, GMF concentrates it’s efforts in 4 areas:

DESIGN:  GMF designs websites that are warm and friendly.  We do more than provide your business with an online presence. Our designs invite the audience to spend time on your site. Our design concentrates on navigation and ease of use. Our goal is to increase the time a visitor spends on your site, but not at the expensive of being frustrated on trying to find the correct information.

FLEXIBILITY:  We design websites with tomorrow in mind.  We use a Content Management System to make sure your website has the ability for change. The backend administration controls are simple enough that your business can control it’s own website. At Global Market Force, we design websites that give you the flexibility to make changes – as they occur.

ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION:  We don’t just design websites. We make your website search engine friendly. To get the most out of your future Search Engine Optimization efforts, GMF designs your website with the proper meta tags and keywords that enable your website to be found. We optimize your website!

CONVERSION:  Websites are normally built for the “safe shopper.” At Global Market Force, we concentrate our web design efforts on converting those “safe shoppers” into consumers of your products or services. Our websites are designed to convert your traffic with a variety of “call to actions.”  We give the consumer a reason to contact your business.

Does Your Website Capture the Eye of Your Audience?

You only have a few seconds to capture your audience.  Most Internet traffic that comes to your website will make a decision about looking deeper into your site within a few short seconds. If you can’t get your traffic to spend at least 10 seconds on your site, they will probably not click through to another page on your site and thus be considered a bounce.  One of the most important aspects of website design is be able to catch the eye of your audience and give them pause long enough to look at your site.  Graphic Design plays a key role in web design.

Is Your Name Address and Phone (NAP) easily found on the home page?

Your audience doesn’t need to hunt for your most important information like your “contact us” button or your special offers and call to actions, so make sure you can establish your unique position without making your audience hunt to find it and make sure your company has a consistent Name, Address and Phone number throughout the Internet.

Does Your Site Have a Clear and Compelling Call to Action?

Once you connect with your audience, there needs to be something that tells them what to do next. There needs to be a compelling reason for the consumer to contact you, such as, “Download Report Now,” “Buy Now,” “Free Sample,” “Join our Mailing List,” or “Sign up for a Free Trial.”  These are just a few examples of your unique selling position. We will help your firm with your compelling call-to-action. Call the leading San Antonio web design firm today for a free consultation at 210-215-0905.