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The Multisim (formerly known as Electronic Workbench) is the primary environment for designing electronic circuits and conducting SPICE simulations.

With NIS Multisim you can design an electronic circuit from the beginning. You will have all sorts of ingredients in hand, allowing you to simulate and analyze the operations in each section. Because this edition of Education, which suits the needs of educators.

NIMultisim isThere are well-made electronic databases, standard methods, simulated modulesSPICE and VHDL, support for RF circuits, PCB generators, and other features. Because all this is happening in a simple and comfortable environment, it makes it easier for students of electronic and beginner to understand, especially when it comes to more abstract concepts.

In addition, NI Multisim allows you to load the modules in additionin particular processes. For example, a microgrammer program that uses ASM or C. Multisim seeks to identify errors, check design behavior, and create prototypes. All this can be Used without a sophisticated knowledge of SPICE, which is a great addition.

NIS Multisim is a great environment for designing, assessing and creating electronic circuits. An essential tool for engineers or technicians.