5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Works


direct-mailWhen it comes to marketing offline, nothing works quite as well as direct mail. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been using direct mail successfully for a number of years, helping them increase revenue and bring in new customers with every mailing they send. Like all other marketing methods, however, direct mail requires skill, patience and a little practice.

If you’re new to the concept of direct mail and don’t know if it is right for you and your business, now is the time to pay attention. In this article, you will learn about the 5 most common reasons why marketing via direct mail works and how it can take your business from obscurity to flourishing almost overnight!

#1 – Guaranteed Exposure for Your Business

During the marketing process, getting the most exposure for your business is critical. Direct mail guarantees that your marketing materials get into the mailbox of every individual that you send your offer to. That means that you have the opportunity to put your offer directly in front of your market, thus increasing your exposure and the chance to turn prospects into customers.

#2 – Results Are Easy to Track

When it comes to marketing, tracking your results closely is the only way to know if what you’re doing is working. Fortunately, direct mail makes this process easy, especially when offering a coupon or special discount. Whether you setup a special tracking code or have prospects bring in the actual mailing to your business to receive their discount, keeping tabs on your results is as easy as 1-2-3!

#3 – It’s a Proven Method of Advertising

Businesses have been using direct mail effectively for decades to help generate new leads and customers. It has withstood the test of time and continues to be a proven method of advertising that isn’t showing signs of letting up anytime soon. This alone is enough of a testament to prove how effective direct mail can be for your business.

#4 – Extremely Reliable

Let’s be real – no matter how large or small your marketing budget is, the costs can still be significant. If you employ methods that aren’t reliable, money simply gets thrown down the drain. With direct mail, every mailing you send is required to be delivered to every address you mail to. That is something you will not find with other advertising tactics available.

#5 – Most Cost-Effective Method to Reach a Large Audience

These days, there are a number of direct mail programs that allow you to increase your reach without increasing your marketing budget. Programs like USPS® Every Door Direct Mail give you the freedom to send out your marketing materials at rates that are significantly lower than first class mail alone. Your costs remain low, yet the opportunity to reach your target market is significantly higher.

Start Your Direct Mail Campaign Today

As you can see, direct mail is a reliable and cost-effective method to get guaranteed exposure for your business, regardless of its size. Once you get your advertising message assembled, setting up your campaign is simple and easy to do. Getting the most leverage and results is as easy as tweaking and testing your offer. After that, the sky is the limit!

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