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On Site Optimization

On site optimization is your most important step for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. If you miss this step, your page might never be found by someone looking for your sevices.  Companies often pay big money for the website, so it’s important to optimize your site. Don’t buy a gold plated, diamond studded billboard and then place it out in the middle of a forest where no one will ever see it. If your not using a professional SEO company, make sure you follow these 4 simple steps.

Your first step is to make sure your page title has your keyword.  Don’t title your home page with “Welcome to My Company” or “Home.” When the search engines send in their robots to crawl your page, they will put you in the Welcome or Home category. Tell the robot what your website is actually about. Use your keyword in your title.  If your an appliance repair company, put that in your title.  If your in the service industry, make sure you include your city of service in they title.  A good title for an appliance repair company located in San Antonio would be “Appliance Repair | San Antonio, TN.”

Next, make sure your meta description includes your keyword. If your business is appliance repair, make sure appliance repair is included in your description. For a local service company, it’s also critical to put your city of service within the description.  Using the appliance repair example, your meta description should begin with: Appliance Repair San Antonio (or your town). Follow this with a great call to action. The description is what a search engine shows on the results page just below your title.  This is your advertisement.  Don’t waste this valuable space telling people you’ve been in business for upteen years.  Very few people care about that. Give someone a reason to call. Which do you think will produce more results?  We’ve been in business for 25 years or Schedule online and save 25% off your appliance repairs”

The third step to optimize your website is to make sure your content contains your keyword.  Be careful and don’t stuff your page with your keyword.  Search engines like to see around 10 to 15% of your keywords in the content.  Too much more than that and they will think you’re stuffing and your site will not rank as high.  If your keyword phrase is “appliance repair san antonio,” it doesn’t have to appear like that every time you place it into your content.  Mix it up.  You can say, “we repair all makes of appliances,” and  “We are your San Antonio Appliance Repair experts.”

Another on-site SEO technique is to make a page for each of your keywords.  Don’t duplicate the keyword phrases on the new pages.  For example, if your the appliance repair business, you can put refrigerator repair on one page and dishwasher repair on another. It’s not a bad idea to give all the brand names you repair.  Make a list of all the brands of refrigerators that you repair.

Lastly and not the least important part of on-site optimization is to link your pages together.  Use anchor text to link back to your home page, or link your home page to each of your other pages by including anchor texts within your content.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

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